What you can expect from us

We enjoy our work in construction. We are professionals and we want to develop friendships with all our clients. It’s simply the best way to do business and it always results in the best projects. You’re our client; your project is special to you – it may even be your dream home - and we will work closely with you to ensure you get exactly what you want.

So we have a real mission to give you and your professional team the best possible construction service within our capabilities. We will go out of our way to ensure your experience with us is friendly, positive and that we impress you enough to refer us as a recommended Contractor to your family, friends and contacts. This is exactly why Pdl is the success it is.

We know what we would want a builder working on our own homes to deliver, and we know what makes for a really good, long-term relationship that will keep our contract with you on track and will leave you feeling that we are friends and that we will work again some time in the future. And also that you will feel happy to refer us to your friends when they need a builder . . .

Here are four key points of service that we commit to, almost as a customer ‘charter’:

  • We will always treat your property with respect and will protect it as necessary to ensure everything stays clean, safe and free of any damage. 

  • We will start on site when we say we will and will work very hard to complete the contract on time.

  • We will never add any costs over and above the contracted price unless you ask us to do extra work. Everything will be properly documented and we will always keep you advised on what is happening.

  • If we see ways to save you money at tender stage or during a job, we will always be open and transparent to discuss these with you and will always look after your interests

We are different. And this is why

You have a wide choice of builders for your work. We know that. That’s why we go out of our way to be different and to ensure you like what you see here.
For example …


Planning your project

If you’re at the early planning stage of your new project and you would like a friendly construction professional to talk to – give us a call. Any building project is complex and you can ask us about likely costs, construction timescales, internal design and fit-out – and more. If you want us to handle the whole job for you we can give you a fast, seamless service from start to finish, using our proven planning and architectural contacts to give you an efficient and highly competitive building service. 


Tendering for the contract

Or if you have an architect or designer on your project, that’s fine. We work with building designers all the time and are very happy to work with them from an early stage if required to provide early budget costings. We can also provide costing ‘reality checks’ at any stage and can advise on timescales and contract programming. Every tender we provide is fully detailed with cost analyses, timescales and suggested areas for value engineering and potential cost savings.  


The construction work on site

When we start your project on site, you’ll immediately find us a refreshing, friendly and pro-active team. If there are problems (and what job doesn’t have unforeseen snags?) – we’ll sort them. Quickly and without fuss. We’ll keep you fully in touch with everything of interest to you as the building work moves on. And we aim to give you the level of service that means you’re always happy to refer us to your friends for their own works. 

Pdl Construction